XBR225 cooled incubator

Our refrigerated incubator XBR225 (225 liters) is accurate and efficient, for temperatures between 0 and 60 ° C. Refrigerated Incubator XBR112 is suitable for medical laboratory biology and microbiology, quality control in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, plastics, electronic, chemical, food ...

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Product : XBR225

Maximum temperature : 60°C
Minimum temperature : 0°C

Working volume : 225 liters
Internal dimensions (W x D x H) : 500 x 450 x 1000 mm
External dimensions (W x D x H) : 604 x 808 x 1409 mm
* Some options may change the dimensions of the oven

Shelves of loading (chromed steel)
Number : 2 delivered / 17 maximum inside the oven
Shelf sizes (W x D): 470 x 420 mm
Spacing between bars of the shelf : 20 mm
Maximum load per shelf : 30 kg
Maximum load in the oven : 120 kg (shelves weight not included)

Electrical data & Others
Power :230V ~1P 50/60Hz, 16A
Heating power : 750 W
Power consumed cold : 430 W
Number of fans : 2
Total brewing flow : 328 m³/h
Door number : 1
Weight : 115 kg

Warranty : 12 months

The cooled incubators are ideal for low temperature processes (between 0 ° C and 60 ° C). They are suitable for medical laboratories biology and microbiology, and for quality control in industry...

A thoughtful design for

sensational results.

The exterior of the cooled incubator is sheet steel covered with a blue and white epoxy paint.
The inner casing is made of bright polished stainless steel, particularly corrosion resistant.

Access port Ø 20 mm
An access port Ø 20 mm centered on the left wall allows the passage of cables or probes. A silicone plug is used to block the way in case of non-use or to seal the passage after spending the cables.

Cooling unit
A cooling unit, composed of condenser and compressor, is located in the top part of the cooled incubator for saving space.

Optimized insulation
The asbestos-free thermal insulation glass wool is optimized for low power consumption. The outer sheets are separated from the inner chamber to prevent thermal bridging.


incubateur réfrigéré XBR225

incubateur réfrigéré XBR225  

A perfect design

of the inner casing.

The sealing of the door is ensured by a gasket stabilized and durable silicone. It is easily removable for quick and easy cleaning.
Closing the door is 2 points (top and bottom).

Protection against condensation
A safety rim at the bottom of the incubator helps retain water in case of condensation. A tray located under the incubator can recover water generated that may evaporate naturally.

Easy cleaning
The corners of the inner chamber are rounded for easy cleaning.

Optimized ventilation for

incredible homogeneity.

Ventilation is provided by two fans placed on the rear face of the cooled incubator. Excellent air distribution in the working volume.

Cooling and heating

completely controlled.

Heating is ensured by a heating element located in the air flow.

The evaporator, located in the air flow, allows temperature to cool down. A cooling unit composed of condenser and compressor and located in the top part of the incubator, feeds it.

  incubateur réfrigéré XBR112


Accurate and reliable
temperature control

temperature control is ensured by the electronic controller YLCD-9000 high precision. It measures the temperature using a PT100 sensor, placed in the airflow. Large display for easy readability. Easy to use. Accuracy : 0.1°C.


  Functions :
- Setpoint display and that measured.
- Heating timer.
- Buzzer at the end of a cycle.
- Over temperature alarm.

Work safe !

The temperature safety of the oven is ensured by an adjustable and independent safety thermostat (protection class 3.1), with visual and sound alarm.

It cuts heating off in case of overheating and takes in charge control in case of main control system failure.




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Loading shelves

XBR225 cooled incubator comes with 2 shelves in chromed steel.

Multiple attachment levels are available for easy loading and unloading.
Each shelf can support up to 30 kg distributed.
Supports of shelves have an anti-tilting system.


Quality &


Our oven is robust, reliable, with a long lifetime. We use materials of the highest quality.

We guarantee cooled incubator XBR225 for  12 monthsparts and labor (factory return. Valid in metropolitan France).
Since we are manufacturer, we provide a after sales service in direct and fast.

The delivery time is 48-72 h.
(Metropolitan France, after acceptance of payment. Oven without options or accessories).

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